Our specialized process starts with the receipt of your pets remains. They are carefully tagged and assigned a unique tracking number (which is also emailed to you). This number allows us to maintain quality control and ensure we know where your order is throughout the processing.

When your order becomes active (we run everything in a first-come, first-served basis) we select a rough zircon that matches the shape you are interested in, doing this ensures the largest possible gemstone for the cut. This rough gem is then put through a proprietary process which uses a thermo/chemical reaction. This initiates an ionic exchange between the zircon and the atmosphere created from your pets ashes. The easiest way to describe it is to imagine a sponge, first we wring out certain atoms, and then let it absorb the new ones. This process permanently changes the physical properties and thus the color of of the gemstone itself. This is not a coating like some treatments, and we are not creating a fake stone. The results of our process is a permanent change in the crystal structure of the natural zircon itself.

Throughout the whole process your pets ashes are lovingly wrapped around your gemstone as it takes on it's new form, much like a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly.

Once the processing is done your gemstone is cleaned thoroughly and inspected for the best orientation for maximum yield. It is then transferred to the cutting area where it is faceted in the shape you selected when you placed your order.

After the cutting and polishing stage your Pet-Gem™ will finally be ready for setting. If you requested that we set your gemstone it will be transferred to our jewelers and set in the earrings, ring or pendant that you selected. If you ordered a loose Pet-Gem™ then it will be shipped to you immediately.

Throughout the entire process your pets remains are treated with the utmost respect and care possible. We understand that you are entrusting us with the remains of a loved friend and family member.

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