Pet-Gems™ is a cottage business directed at providing a beautiful, unique, and lasting memento for those who have suffered pet loss with the passing of their pet friend, and would like to continue to cherish their memory.

Our staff is skilled in many aspects of the jewelry, gemstone faceting, and proprietary thermo/chemical processes. We do not purchase any of our stones already cut, or processed in any way (except possibly cobbed and cleaned).

Since we have our own lapidary artists on staff we are able to offer a more wide variety, and unique set of cuts than stores who buy overseas cut gemstones. We can still provide common shapes such as round, square, etc with uncommon facet arrangements which will give a more unique and brilliant stone. It would be extremely difficult to find one of our designs in a chain jewelry store, or on the Internet. Our artists also ensure that all angles and 'meetpoints' (where each facet meets) are precise. This is important to get the maximum brilliance from your gemstone.

Pet-Gems™ uses 100% NATURAL Zircon (NOT Cubic Zirconia) for our process. We disclose that your stone will be treated to obtain a permanent color, but this is also what makes your stone UNIQUE.


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