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Pet-Gems™ is a family owned business directed at providing a beautiful, quality and lasting memento for those who have lost their pet friend and would like to continue to cherish their memory. We do this by making handcrafted, custom faceted gemstones and jewelry using your pets cremated remains.

Over the years, we have all coped with pet loss from the passing of a special pet friend, who enriched our lives with their unconditional love. They gave us solace during difficult times, brightened our days with unbounded affection, took their scolding with affability, taught our children responsibility and in general made our lives, during their stay, much more fulfilling.

Pet-Gems™ offers a beautiful gift that will
provide years of lasting memories.

Our custom, hand-cut gemstones begin the process of becoming a 'living memory' as natural zircons (not Cubic Zirconia). They are permanently colored by a specialized process that incorporates a small portion of your pets cremated remains. The resulting colors range from blue, aqua, peach, white (diamond), and others. The finished stones color is the 'essence' of your pet since she or he is what helps dictate the final color.

We are unique!
Pet-Gems is the only company where you can get this type of gemstone! This is because we perform the entire creation process, from selecting the piece of 100% natural zircon gem rough and processing it with your pets remains, to hand-cutting and polishing a non-commercial gem design. You will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind memory of your pet friend that cannot be purchased anywhere else, and it will last forever.
Why Zircon?

The refractive index (RI) of Zircon is very close to the index of diamonds. It also has a very strong dispersion. These qualities are what create the beautiful sparkle and 'fire' that we love so much in well cut gemstones. Zircons have been used as diamond replacements for decades because of the similarity to a diamonds natural properties.

What is Zircon?

Zircons are noted to be the oldest mineral on earth at more than 4.4 billion years old. Many geologists consider them a symbol of 'forever' because they 'store' geological history within their composition.

They are believed by some to impart the wearer with wisdom, honor, and riches. It is also the traditional birthstone of December.

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